An insider’s guide to Singapore

Given that many of my most outstanding life experiences come from this small city-state, my second post on this blog must be a dedication to this most interesting corner of the world.

Singapore, as Wikipedia will tell you, is a small island nation off the bottom of Malaysia. The climate is tropical, it has amazing food and it is one of the wealthiest nations in South-East Asia. The night-safari is a must.

Those who have never truly experienced Singapore describe it as clean and sterile; efficient but soulless. Most would certainly never think of it as cool.

But it’s very cool.

Singapore is fast becoming a billionaire’s playground. Low-tax, high-end shopping, a variety of places to park your jet, super safe; suddenly a weekend in Dubai seems less appealing.

But it’s more than just the influx of cash. Singapore is a hotpot of transient people and cultures. It is one of the world’s true international places, where those who struggle to answer the question ‘So where are you from?’ finally feel at home. The banker from Sweden mixes freely with the trainee lawyer from the UK. French engineers fly in for 2 months to work on Boeing engines. There is a willingness to make new friends that exists only in such international communities.

Every night is a new party. Whether it be Wednesday’s Ladies’ Night or Friday’s post 80-hour week drinks, the bottles are poured, table service a must for any self-respecting party-attender. 4-figure receipts don’t merit a blink. Anything less than Moët isn’t champagne (and for heaven’s sake don’t brag about Moët, it’s only the status quo).

Singapore is a hidden treasure, a secret guarded by its worldly inhabitants and understood only by those who have truly experienced it.


5 reasons why you shouldn’t start a blog (but I’m doing it anyway)

1. The market is overcrowded

Do you know how many blogs are in the viral hemisphere? Thousands, probably millions. The subject matter varies, apparent favourites including food, travel and fashion. Successful blogging is now proudly in the category of ‘funemployment’. Similar to an actor, singer, filmmaker, fashion designer, blogging is a career path desired by many but attained by few. No matter intelligent or individual you think your blog is, chances are there are already tons like yours out there and even more chance is that someone else is doing it better. I’m sure there are still some niche blog markets remaining (Coke bottle top appreciation blog perhaps?), but the reality is with so many people trying to blog, competition is stiff and the pay-off is not likely to be rewarding.

2. You’re probably not very good

Did you write for your university newspaper? Are your witty facebook posts always met with a plethora of like? Are you a whiz with a camera filter? Sorry, it doesn’t matter. Chances are you’re not as good as you think you are. The internet doesn’t need any more poor grammar, cliches and pictures of of sunsets.

3. Your friends will judge you

Perhaps for the above reasons, blogging has gotten itself a bit of a bad name. The notion that bloggers are self-involved wordsmiths getting aroused to the sound of their own keyboard perhaps isn’t too far off the mark. The very act of blogging assumes you believe others are interested in what you have to say, which in many ways is a social offence. Plus lots of hipsters do it. Your friends know all of this. With just a few blog posts, you could go from the funny but cool, to trying just a little too hard. No matter how supportive your friend are, they’re going to think just a little less of you.

4. You could spend your time so much more productively

How much time do you spend blogging per week? With that time you could bake a cake, take up sewing, learn how to change a tyre, visit your grandmother. I applaud you for having dedication to a particular activity, but there are a multitude of ways you could better spend your time.

5. You will give it up quickly

For reasons including lack of interest, running out of things to say, the realisation that you’re not very good / your friends’ judgment / no one is reading what you say, most blogs are doomed to fail within a few months of their creation. What’s sadder than a regular, functioning blog, is the wasteland of a discarded blog; a viral diary space abandoned by its once eager founder. Do you really want to add another dustball to cyberspace?


So after such undeniable arguments, maybe it’s time to shut my macbook and give up on the whole thing. Negative. This entry highlights how most of my written drivel should be taken with a spoonful of salt. I encourage everyone to pursue their hobbies / dreams / blogging fantasies. So keep taking pictures of your every meal, write that movie review, add your wit to the internet world! Creativity is the antidote to boredom, so go forth and write your blogs! Just don’t tell your friends.